By utilizing latest technologies, we have the expertise to deliver quality solutions quickly.

Our software development services includes customized application development as well as product development. At GRIFFIN Ltd., we use technology to create powerful solutions that are focused on such critical areas as enhancing customer relations and increasing revenue opportunities.


We use state-of-the-art technologies to translate your IT vision into reality and create powerful solutions that are focused on enhancing customer relations, increasing revenue opportunities and the creation of new competitive advantage for you. At GRIFFIN Ltd., we focus on building applications using software components which reduce cost and time of development. Our business model also includes co-development of products where we share revenue and risk together.


We can perform offshore testing tasks for a new product or the new release of an existing. We can prepare the testing strategy, write test plans, implement these test plans, and track defects to closure. For each of these tasks, GRIFFIN Ltd. uses a defined methodology and has extensive experience in the usage of test tools.

We have extensive experience and sophisticated tools for performing comprehensive product testing. Some of the testing services we provide are:

      * Unit Testing

      * Integration Testing

      * Top-down Integration Testing

      * Bottom-up Integration Testing

      * Validation Testing

      * Black box Testing & White box Testing

      * System testing

      * Recovery Testing

      * Security Testing

      * Stress / Load Testing

      * Performance Testing

      * Functional Testing

      * Usability Testing

Our processes are documented, institutionalized and evaluated, helping us become more effective and efficient with every project we work on. Rigorous Quality Control and Management procedures minimize the number of defects.


Project management is at the center of the delivery of all GRIFFIN's software outsourcing services. We take a rigorous, systematic approach to Project Management ensuring reliability in commitments, and transparency of progress and risks to our customers.


Our professionals utilize our expertise in the following programming languages, tools and technologies: 

General Programming
     * .NET

     * C

     * C++

     * C#

     * Visual Basic

     * Visual Basic.NET

     * PHP

     * Delphi

     * Pascal

     * VBA

     * Assembler

Other Languages

     * UML

     * XML/XSL/DTD

     * SQL

     * PL/SQL

     * SOAP

Operating Systems
     * MS Windows XP/2003/Vista

     * Windows CE

     * Windows Mobile

     * Novell/Netware

     * Unix/Linux

Development Environments

     * Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0

     * Microsoft Visual Studio.NET

     * Zend Development Studio

     * Borland Delphi

     * Adobe Photoshop

     * CorelDraw

     * Microsoft Front Page

     * Visual InterDev

     * Macromedia Dreamweaver

     * Macromedia Flash

     * NuSphere PHPEd

Project Management Tools

     * Microsoft Solution Framework

     * Microsoft Project

     * Microsoft Visio

     * Function Point Analysis

     * GWL Project Management

     * Document Management

Web Programming
     * ASP.NET

     * ASP

     * PHP

     * Visual Basic Script

     * Java Script

     * HTML

     * CSS

     * AJAX

     * DHTML

     * XHTML

     * WML


     * MS SQL

     * MySQL

     * DBase

     * MS Access

     * PostgreSQL

     * LAN

     * WLAN    

     * WAN

     * Intranet

     * Extranet

Libraries & Technologies

     * .NET Framework

     * Windows API, Sockets

     * Internet Server API (ISAPI)

     * ActiveX

     * Client/Server Solutions

     * IIS

     * LAMP/XAMP

     * Microsoft Transaction Server

     * MS SQL Reporting Services    

     * OOP/OOD

     * COM/DCOM

Other Tools and Technologies

     * Smart Cards

     * RFID

     * MQ Series

     * ActiveX

     * OLE

     * Microsoft Speech Server

Software projects are risky, inherently complex, and require careful planning. Planning software includes development, estimates, staged development, requirements capture, and risk and change management control procedures, business case studies, user interface prototypes and overall project control. Proper planning ensures that the project doesn't move away from its targeted goals while the customer gets a clear definition of the project and is in the know of the project status and has ready access to project deliverables at any point of time. To ensure the timely and quality delivery for 100% client satisfaction we implement the following:

1. Envisioning
After we receive a request and initial information for your project, we form a core team that prepares vision/scope documents for your project free of charge. We envision the overall direction for the project, including determining which features the solution will and will not include, and a general schedule for delivery.
2. Planning
During this phase the team prepares the functional specifications, works the design process through, and prepares work plans, cost estimates and schedules for the various deliverables. The stage is completed by the signing of a contract. In complicated cases a prototype of a new system can also be developed. This allows the customer to review the future system and to give their feedback at an early stage of the development phase.
3. Design and Development
Our team accomplishes the building of solution components (code as well as documentation). Our development process is interactive. That means that cus-tomers monitor the progress of development online so they won't be faced with any sudden issues at the end.
4. Testing
In this phase testing is conducted on a solution whose features are complete. Testing emphasizes usage and operation under realistic environmental conditions. The team focuses on resolving and triaging (prioritizing) bugs and preparing the solution for release.
Testers develop the Test Plan, test cases and scripts, test the system and verify that it operates according to the specification. After rigorous testing, we launch the application.
5. Delivery and Support
Our team deploys the core technology and site components, stabilizes the deployment, transitions the project to operations and support, and obtains final customer approval for the project. It is not just a Product that is delivered to the customer, it is a Solution. The development team keeps supporting the system after installation, and we also provide a warranty.