February 19, 2009

Successful implementation of GWL for Sheerion LLP
Business: Sheerion LLP is a UK based company which specializes in digital products, with an aim to deliver excellent customer service to every customer.
Challenge: Organize the work of a distributed team and align project management with issue tracking.
Solution: The team executes trouble-ticketing and project management in one place.
Result: Streamlined collaboration of a distributed team and doubled efficiency of its operations.

January 23, 2009

Pyramid Builders CMS Project Completed
Our Content Management System has been successfully implemented on the Pyramid Builder's new web site. It has the standard set of features together with some user specific requirements. Pyramid Builders Ltd is a well established brickwork, block work and stone sub-contractor that has been trading for almost 25 years. They specialize in particularly complicated or large schemes where they can provide integrated and innovative solutions.
You can visit their web site here.

January 08, 2009

We have launched our new web site
As a result of our expanded business activities and need to promote our services worldwide we have started an internal project during last 2 months. The main goal of this project was design and implementation of our new web site. It must contain more information about us and in-depth look on our activities and strengths. Now visitors can enjoy the results of our hard work. Special thanks to the team who made this stuff so good and useful.


November 20, 2008

Successfully completed project

Today we have signed-off a web project for a companies seeking investments from investors. The web site will provide an easy link between companies and investors.


September 03, 2008

Successfully completed project

Today a new version of http://www.propertymentor.co.uk web site has been launched. This new version includes a small content management system for articles and news publishing and RSS feeds support. We are glad that this site is growing every minute and provides more functionality to the users and administrators.


August 13, 2008

Strategic Partnership with Soula Design, UK

After more than 3 months work on various projects a Strategic Partnership contract between GRIFFIN Ltd. and Soula Ltd. has been signed. Our team will be main software development provider and all the programming work will be outsourced to GRIFFIN Ltd. We are glad that we proved our capabilities and the quality of our work is "great". This contract will help both companies to grow together adding values to each other. "GWL" will be used for communication and other day-to-day activities.  

August 1, 2008

Internal Project Management System has been implemented
A new internal Project Management system named "GWL" has been implemented for internal use. Using the system will allow management staff to be in touch with the teams' activities and projects' progress. It can be used also from our customers and they will receive real-time information about their projects. It is possible also that they can send urgent tickets for immediate resolving.

July 15, 2008

Successful Project Stage

We are happy to announce that we successfully implemented the new mobile client for the CRM and ERP system which we work on for several years. This system is used by one of the major utility companies in Varna. As a result their staff performance increased twice. In the near feature new modules will be added to the system.