GRIFFIN Ltd. has its offices in Bulgaria and the UK. The company offers to its clients a very rich selection of services for software development and business consulting. One of our most important attributes is our holistic approach to projects. Our specialists cover the entire project lifecycle to obtain the best possible final product.

The main lines of our activity are currently:

    * Software development (the selection of optimal technologies, system planning, design, prototype creation, system implementation, testing, support, training, documentation).

    * Business consulting in Risk Management, Business Process Management, System Integration, CRM and Campaign Management, Decision Support / Business Intelligence.

In the above markets therefore, it is possible for our company to become your sole partner. The only prerequisite for creating the required product or application is the initial specification.

For those customers who need more specialized services, we offer exemplary consulting in each of the above business areas.


Our mission is to bring our customers the best solutions at the best prices, with the quality and reliability that you can trust.

'Their ability to deliver projects with high quality in the defined    timelines is well recognised in the financial industry.'


Our company philosophy is based on our many years of application development and consulting experience. GRIFFIN Ltd. has a team of very experienced and self-motivated developers and business consultants. Motivation and momentum are derived from our dynamic approach to projects, and innovative software development providing competitive advantage for our customers.

Our application development philosophy is centered on the idea that many components of a solution can be implemented in a generic way. Generic solutions also tend to be more flexible and much more robust to changes in the business environment. We tailor such solutions to customer's needs, fine tuning them where necessary without losing flexibility.

Developing applications is in our view a creative process. Our management procedures are focused on improving productivity and nurturing creativity in our staff.


Founding Principles
GRIFFIN Ltd. is committed to strong values and our founding principles are:

   * Putting clients and customers first;

   * Acting with integrity at all times;

   * Commitment to best quality and teamwork.