Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation.

Gaining competitive advantage is all about capturing market share, strengthening brand values, increasing business performance, and improving bottom line results. It is an objective that all enterprises share throughout industry verticals and can come from improvements in client communications, supply chain efficiency, utilization of people, or by optimizing operational processes. GRIFFIN's industry expertise can achieve a real quality improvement for an enterprise allowing it to deal successfully with change and gain competitive advantage.

We have helped companies in diverse industry verticals such as financial services, affiliate networking, manufacturing, utilities, human resources, legal services, advertising, education and sports in their enterprise transformation, business process optimization, technology implementation, workflow design and optimization. We leverage our domain expertise, business consulting skills and technology competence to provide bespoke/custom solutions to our customers for gaining sustainable edge over competition. Our capabilities include a fully integrated approach that ensures that every aspect of organizations – people, process and technology – is fully aligned for achieving strategic business goals. 

Domain Competence
We set it a challenge to make optimum use of the resources, and the invaluable business intelligence embedded in a range of verticals. Our cross-industrial practices range from implementing ERP, CRM, and BI systems, to constructing B2B and B2C electronic marketplaces. 

Our Value
Our team of highly-qualified and experienced experts in all domain coupled with a proven record of accomplishment, have enabled to provide state-of-the-art solutions for all mentioned systems we created so far.


The Approach

We provide exclusive solutions by which our clients can attract their customers, providing best of the services that can increase their customer base.

GRIFFIN Ltd. delivers knowledge, tools and solution services throughout every stage of your Online Business Cycle.

Vertical Industry Practices

Our vertical industry practices include: Financial & Banking; Healthcare; Telecommunication & Technology; Retail, Warehousing and Distribution; Education; eBusiness; Manufacturing; Affiliate Networking.

Our Team: Team of Advocates


Our team model defines interdependent, multidisciplinary roles and their responsibilities, goals, and activities in context of the foundational principles and mindsets (e.g. team of peers). Our team model is based on a premise that each team member presents a unique perspective on a project.

* Product Management - satisfied customers.
* Program Management - delivering the solution within project constraints.
* Development - building to agreed technical and functional specification.
* Test - approval for release only after all quality issues are identified and addressed.
* User Experience - enhanced user effectiveness.
* Release Management - smooth deployment and ongoing operations.

Working with us means that you will have ample opportunities to get recognized and be visible.