GRIFFIN Ltd. is a committed client-focused company which has been formed by a team of Information Technology and business professionals with more than 20 years experience working for European, US and Middle East clients. One of our most valuable assets is conducting successful relationships with clients. We are very proud that we retain our customers and they are engaging us always on multiple projects.

GRIFFIN Ltd. offer wide range of IT and business outsourcing services. The core of our activities lies in custom software development. We help our clients during times of rapid changes to take business away from the competition. We offer cost containment and profit enhancement solutions in:

* Off-site Software Development

* On-site Solution Development and Consultancy

* Business Intelligence and Analytics

* Customer Relationship Management

* Business Process Management

* Web Design and Development

We also provide software products and solutions in:

* Decisioning

* Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

* System Integration

Outsourcing of custom software development is our everyday activity. Whenever you need to automate processes, create web applications, or develop information system, we are ready to take all steps towards this aim.

We are focused on understanding and fulfilling customer needs. We transform the latest technology and business trends into constant value for our customers. Our years of experience mean that GRIFFIN Ltd. really understands the challenges faced by companies in the 21st century. This is why we can offer you solutions tailored to the detailed demands of your business.

Our products and services will allow your customers to benefit beyond their expectations, and their continued loyalty is your reward. Quality and success is our belief and strength.

Our consultants always interact directly with and listen carefully to our customers, with no intervening 'account manager'. Each consultant liaises directly with our project management to optimze resource and task priority management: this approach enables us to be flexible and remain synchronized with customer goals and expectations.

  • Our business consultants' overriding goal is to provide our customers and their people with the skills, confidence and will to success that they need. Our capabilities include a fully integrated approach that ensures that every aspect of organizations – people, process and technology – is fully aligned for achieving strategic business goals...

If you can dream it  -  you can do it

Our technical team has great experience in developing enterprise applications using cutting-edge technologies and development platforms...

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